Non-Judicial Timeshare Foreclosures

Our attorneys have handled thousands of non-judicial timeshare foreclosures throughout Florida. We understand the complexities of the foreclosure process and use our experience to effectively communicate with delinquent owners, process notices, and foreclose on unpaid weeks. Contact us for a free quote on your next project. Learn More Here!

Timeshare Probate in Florida

Many timeshare owners do not live in Florida. When the owners pass, the timeshare must be probated in Florida through an ancillary probate. Our office will prepare the necessary documentation and file the ancillary timeshare probate in any county in Florida. We work with firms and heirs across the United States alongside timeshare associations throughout Florida to ensure the proper transfer of the timeshare property. Read More Here!

Deed Back Programs

We offer a variety of programs to obtain deeds back at minimal cost to associations and developers. We've worked with bankruptcies, delinquent owners, and collection agencies to make sure our clients obtain deeds back quickly and efficiently.

Timeshare and HOA Termination

For various reasons, associations or developers may wish to terminate the timeshare development. We can assist with the winding down of associations and resorts and walk clients through the necessary steps to properly terminate.

Timeshare Developers and Association Support

We have counseled timeshare developers and associations through numerous projects from acquisition and sales to the documentation of resort developments with the DBPR and other necessary Florida entities. Furthermore, we have experience in winding down resorts and terminating their timeshare plans. We have efficient streamlined timeshare registration processes that will meet the requirements of all local and state laws, ordinances and regulations involving the registration of your timeshare development.

Timeshare Restructuring

We provide services to developers and HOAs that are experiencing declining sales, assessment collection problems, aging facilities, or other cash flow challenges. By restructuring the resort or liquidating non-performing weeks, our firm has helped clients find new value in aging properties and new sources of revenue for development projects in need of additional cash flow.


We strive to be the leading law firm in Florida for the timeshare industry.  Our experience allows us to meet the needs of timeshare developers and HOAs.  We have developed programs and protocols that provide swift, efficient, and cost-effective representation for our clients.  




Specializing in Non-Judicial Timeshare Foreclosures, Developer and Association Support, and Ancillary Timeshare Probate throughout Florida.







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