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Non-Judicial Foreclosures

Our Non-Judicial Foreclosure Team has extensive experience in timeshare, real estate, and working under the Florida Non-Judicial Foreclosure statute.  


We have effectively used the Non-Judicial Foreclosure process in several different strategies, such as terminating timeshare projects, providing liquidity to developers in bankruptcy reorganization, and creating new inventory for resale.

Non-Judicial Timeshare Foreclosure Costs

Our firm has been able to reduce costs by as much as 80-85% when compared against traditional judicial foreclosures which can cost thousands per week and take a significantly longer amount of time to complete.


We save clients time and money because we have developed proprietary software and efficient processes alongside the utilization of a very experienced staff.  Prices are per week and may be slightly lower or higher depending on the development. Prices include all expenses from initiation to the issuance of the Trustee's Deed. We do our best to be as cost effective and efficient as possible.

Our Experience

Our lead attorney has foreclosed on thousands of weeks throughout Florida.  We provide a reliable method to obtain deeds back at both a minimal expense and with very little internal administration by the developer or association. 


We have created a proprietary system that allows our firm to execute the foreclosures accurately, consistently, and predictably.


Foreclosure Time Frames

Typically, the non-judicial foreclosure process can be completed around 6 to 7 months.  

Throughout the process, we keep our client's informed during each step from the initial title searches and delinquent owner responses to publication and the issuance of the Trustee's Deed. 

Why Foreclose?

Whether cleaning out just a few defaulting weeks to addressing thousands, the use of non-judicial foreclosures in Florida has helped our clients alleviate many of the issues developers and HOAs face.  The streamlined foreclosure process has assisted associations - both large and small - manage and structure their portfolios in a more proactive, efficient, and proactive manner. 

We've assisted HOAs and developers with replenishing inventory, restructuring portfolios, converting units back into condos for sale as vacation rentals, and in terminating timeshare plans and developments.  From coming out of or avoiding bankruptcy to consolidating units and replenishing stock for resale programs, we have counseled our clients successfully using effective strategies such as the non-judicial foreclosure process with great success.

Learn how we can help your resort!  We'd love to hear from you. 


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